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ADP - Combined HR and Payroll Software

For the ultimate Human Resource Management tool, it is possible to combine two of our most popular solutions, ADP and ADP freedom, to deliver a streamlined, efficient and joined-up approach to your people and remuneration processes.

Incorporating both HR and payroll into one comprehensive system enables you to significantly reduce the administrative burden on employees, make considerable cost savings and improve accuracy - all through one, experienced supplier.

The solution is suitable for businesses of 50+ employees and ideal for businesses that are looking to implement technology that can reflect changes being made in the workplace, such as the popularity of flexible working practices.

How do the solutions work? is an online solution that automates the administration surrounding recruitment, promotion, performance management and other employee life cycle events. Its integrated functionality allows for configuration with your policies and strategies, resulting in total alignment and consistency. Thus, employees hundreds of miles apart will be treated exactly the same way. 

ADP freedom is offered in two guises: either as an in-house software solution or a fully-managed, end-to-end payroll service. Both options allow for more secure, efficient and accurate payroll processing, all in line with HMRC rules. 

As a 'software as a service' tool, the combined solution can be accessed from any location, at anytime by authorised individuals. It includes a self-service feature which provides access to management information and reports for managers, while employees can log leave requests, check payslips and update personal details.   

What are the benefits of using this combined solution?

- Convenience: Rather than use several systems and vendors, ADP's combined solution is hosted on one, single platform. Payroll, HR, managers and employees can access respective data easily, from one place.

- Drives efficiency and consistency: By automating the many manual and administrative tasks associated with HR and payroll, productivity, compliance and accuracy can be vastly improved. Through freeing up staff to other tasks, the solution can also increase motivation.  

- Web-hosted: Not only does the online solution offer round-the-clock access, but use of ADP's external servers means that information is secure and backed up - a benefit that is complicit with typical business continuity plans.

- Reporting: The solution offers extensive reporting functionality, automatically sending bespoke reports to your inbox or enabling you to view other workforce information key for resource and budget management.  

- Cost savings: It is far more efficient and economical to run one integrated system, than manage several. In addition, the need for software and system maintenance is eliminated, as the solution is hosted and updated on ADP's servers. 

Anything else I need to know?

It's possible to incorporate yet more modules for an even more all-encompassing system. This might include our time and attendance solution, ezLaborManager, or modules to help manage your fleet, assets and expenses.

ADP's combined HR and payroll provision offers a comprehensive solution which allows you to more effectively manage your people, policies and costs, from just one platform.

For more information, download the ADP brochure and the ADP freedom brochure

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